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ALDO KLEYN, founder and creator of the original Leather Rose concept started from humble beginnings in the 80s in a small shop on Rocky Street, Johannesburg, South Africa. He was in fact only 16 when he created the name Leather Rose. This passion for

designing and working with leather soon became his life.

South African born Aldo traveled the world before settling and opening his New York City-based Leather Rose store in the 90s, joined by his wife and partner, Brazilian born Cilia. In 2000 they were awarded the prestigious Best Custom-Made Leather Shop in the Big Apple.

Aldo and Cilia came back to South Africa soon after and continued with the now famous and well-known brand, Leather Rose, developing ever more unusual, exquisite and exclusive designs. Aldo became a pioneer of using crocodile skins in a completely different way than the usual curio shop version, creating high end wearable art pieces. His unique talent is clearly visible in every accessory that he designs and creates in a very personal hands-on process from start to finish.

Leading designers Aldo and Cilias exotic and haute couture leather handbags, belts, cuffs, bracelets and other trinkets have become true fashion statements. Desirable, sought-after, trendy, one-of-a-kind, hand-made are labels well-suited to their creations.

Constantly striving for perfection and keeping at the forefront of leading design trends, Aldo decided to open a completely NEW STORE IN 2010! called ALDO KLEYN LEATHER DESIGNS.

Situated on Thesen Island, Knysna, ALDO KLEYN LEATHER DESIGNS boasts the very latest unique creations superbly hand-crafted to Aldos exacting standards.

His new store has grown beyond his expectations and has seen him working through the night on many occasions to meet deadlines for goods tailormade for his discerning clients around the globe. Aldo has counted many celebrities among his clients over the past three decades.

Consider this YOUR personal invitation to come and see Aldo's WALL OF FAME in his new shop on Thesen Island, Knysna, South Africa: ALDO KLEYN LEATHER DESIGNS.

Furthermore, all leather hides and skins are obtained legally and are from farmed animals. All tanneries they support are ISO Certified. Aldo Kleyn Leather Designs comply with CITES requirements. CITES certificates can be issued for export to countries all over the world.

All products on this site are EXCLUSIVELY available at ALDO KLEYN LEATHER DESIGNS.

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